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Tuamotu Island Gallery

The Tuamotu Islands, northeast of Tahiti, is the largest chain of atolls in the world and belongs to French Polynesia, with 76 islands and atolls in the centre of the Pacific Ocean.

Pure adrenaline is pass diving or "pass flying" with a current from six knots (11 km/hr) on an incoming tide. The main attraction of pass dives are the sharks. What an experience to fly by several hundreds sharks in Tiputa Pass in Rangiroa! Tiputa Pass was for sure one of the best dives I have ever done. Descending into the deep blue clear water, on the drop off around 500 sharks hovering in the current. Unbelievable such a moment! Drifting through the pass and flying into a group of over 40 mating grey sharks. What a dive!

Also the drop offs outside the atolls are stunning. Beautiful coral gardens with a lot of butterfly fish, sometimes eagle ray, sting ray, turtle, napoleon fish are there to meet but definitely, on every dive  SHARKS!


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Fakarava Tikehau Tikehau Rangiroa Toau
Frigatebird Baby, Toau

North Pass Fakarava, rippcurrent

White fairy tern, Toau
Hexagon Rockcod, Fakarava Sabre Squirrelfish, Fakarava
Crab Dinner, Toau Hardcoral, Toau
Napoleonfish, Fakarava Grey Shark, Rangiroa Whitetip Reef Shark, Toau Spotted Eagle Rays, Toau Racoon Butterflyfish, Toau


Mating season of the Grey Shark, Tiputa Pass Rangiroa in July!


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