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South Africa Gallery

The southern tip of Africa where the Indian and Atlantic Ocean meet.
A country of diversity, uniqueness and colourfulness, like no other.
There is fare more to explore than just the famous “Big Five” buffalo, elephant, leopard, lion and rhino. Cities like beautiful Cape Town, dynamic Johannesburg, beachfront Durban. Unique architecture, from mud and daub to glass and steel. One country, many people with harsh contrasts like wealth and poverty.  Step out of the urban centres and you’ll find a different South Africa, an unexplored place with huge mountains falling into lush river valleys. Almost 3000 km of coastline. Whale watching and great diving with huge kelp forests and those ugly looking sandtiger sharks they can’t close the mouth because of the many teeth in their mouth.


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Below the surface


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Cape Point Cape Town
Rainforest, Mount Sheba


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