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Society Islands Gallery

The Society Islands in the southern Pacific Ocean with Tahiti as the most famous island has some great dive sites to offer. The water outside the lagoons is crystal clear. Shark-, Stingray- and smaller fish feeding has become a well known scuba activity for all the Society Islands.

In Tahiti we explored a couple of wrecks inside the lagoon, sunken planes and ships where a lot of fish have maid their residents.

The most special dive in Raiatea is the over 100 m three masted windjammer Norby, that sunk in 1900 and lies on 30 m inside the lagoon.

"Stingray City" in Moorea, the neighbour island of Tahiti is definitely a highlight. On a sandbank we snorkelled with a bunch of tame stingrays. Hopefully they never forget, that they are tame and don't make use of their sting.

Bora Bora is the place, where the reefs are still full of beautiful hard corals. Lemon sharks and black tip sharks are very common, where they get fed. Those hundreds of manta rays disappeared, because of the disturbance, while building a new hotel. We were lucky and saw on the outside reefs still a graceful manta. I will never forget the haunting singing of humpback whales during a whole dive. Humpback Whales stay from July through September to court, mate and calve in the southern part of the Pacific Ocean.


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Tahiti Raiatea Tahaa Moorea Bora Bora
Great Barracuda, Moorea Black Tip Shark, Moorea Stingray, Moorea Stingray City, Moorea Stingray City, Moorea
Manta Ray, Bora Bora


Slender Suckerfish, Moorea
Lemon Shark, Bora Bora Lizardfish, Moorea
Hawksbill Turtle, Moorea Lemonpeel Angelfish, Moorea
Dot and Dash Butterflyfish, Moorea Orange Fin Anemonefish, Moorea Double Saddle Butterflyfish, Bora Bora Racoon Butterflyfish, Bora Bora Longfin Bannerfish, Bora Bora

Seaplane Wreck, Tahiti

Seaplane Wreck, Tahiti Seaplane Wreck, Tahiti Airplane Wreck, Tahiti Ship Wreck, Tahiti
Ship Wreck, Tahiti Ship Wreck, Tahiti Ship Wreck, Tahiti Ship Wreck Nordby, Raiatea Ship Wreck Nordby, Raiatea


Dive Instructors try to rescue the struggling coral reefs!


Diving in the Society Islands showed me once again how much trouble the reefs of our planet are in.

The majority of the once magnificent reef from Tahiti, Moorea, Huahine, Raiatea, Tahaa is dead.

The coral reefs in Bora  Bora are still very beautiful and healthy. I saw a few crown of thorns present while diving. A diveinstructor told us, that they can't control thousend of crown of thorns. They try to kill as many as possible by injecting acid, the only effective way of destroying them.


Crown of thorns devouring whole coral reefs.


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