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Indonesia  Gallery

The islands Derawan, Sangalaki, Kakaban and Maratua from Borneo are stunning places to dive. From manta and sharks to pygmy seahorse, you can find everything.

North Sulawesi offers Bunaken Nationalpark for great Driftdiving. Lembeh Strait is worldwide famous for all the very strange looking small creators on black sand ground.


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Maratua, Baracudas Derawan, Crynid Bunaken, Indian Lionfish Bunaken, Striped Catfish Sangalaki, Manta Ray
Kakaban, Crab

Bunaken, Leaf Scorpionfish
Bunaken, Crab Bunaken, Longnose Hawkfish
Derawan, Many  Spottet Sweetlips Juvenile Lembeh Strait,
Kakaban, Shrimp Lembeh Strait, Shortfin Lionfish Lembeh Strait, Seastar Derawan, Rainbow Mantis Shrimp Kakaban, Softcoral Crab




Lembeh Strait Bunaken  
  Maratua, Porcelain Crab Maratua, Golden Sweeper  

Lembeh Strait, Pygmy Seahorse

Lembeh Strait, Denise's Pygmy Seahorse



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