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Roatan  Gallery

Roatan lies 30 miles off the coast of Honduras and belongs to the Bay Islands. The island is surrounded by the world's second largest coral reef. There are no first class hotels, golf courses, shopping malls or fancy stores, but there is first class scuba diving!


Above the surface (move your mouse over the pictures)

Restaurant, West End  Beach, West End Dive Shop, West End Hibiscus, West End West Bay Beach
Fishing Fleet, French Harbor

Coxen Hole
Mangrove, Barefoot Cay Sergeant Major
Conch Roughhead Blenny
Barrakuda Barrakuda Softcoral Kingcrab Coral Block

Below the surface


   Above the surface   (move your mouse over the pictures) Below the surface

Barefoot Cay

French Harbor El Aguila Wreck West End Wall

West End

West End Mary's Place Mary's Place

West End

West End

Herbies Fantasie

Mary's Place


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