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Cocos  Island  Gallery

Cocos Island is a National Park of Costa Rica and is located 550 km of the Pacific shore from Costa Rica. It is an island of volcanic origin. The mountainous landscape and the tropical rainy climate combine to create over 200 waterfalls on the island.

Cocos Island is famous from the movie Jurassic Park and a lot of stories of pirates that occurred in the 1800's. It has been rumoured that the "Treasure of Lima" from the pirate Benito Bonito was never found and  should still be on the island.

Diving is absolutely stunning in crystal clear water and a temperature from 29 Degree Celsius. Big schools of hammerhead and white tip sharks, manta rays, eagle rays, stingrays, turtles  and a lot of other colourful fishes hang out in sometimes strong current. On one dive, a 4 m tiger shark on a distance from about 5 m took my breath away.


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Right: Isla Manuelita Isla Pajara Peninsula Colnett Isla Ulloa Peninsula Presidlo
Chatham Bay

Cocos Island

Punta Rodriguez
White tip sharks Moorish idols
White tip shark
Hammerhead shark Hammerhead sharks Hammerhead shark Hammerhead shark Hammerhead sharks

White tip shark

Stingray Manta ray Eagle ray Greenturtle

Cocos  has the big 5 under water: Sharks, Stingrays, Mantas, Eagle Rays, and Turtles!


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