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Belize  Gallery

Belize offers an underwater diving majesty, big islands, hundreds of smaller offshore isles, three huge and distinctive coral atolls, and the second largest barrier reef that seems endless. Where the hurricanes have had little effect, the  underwater world is filled with shallow gardens of corals, steep drop-offs speckled with colourful fish vibrant sponges and other marine life. With the world famous Blue Hole it's no wonder that Belize is one of the world's most suited diving vacation resorts.

A dive at Gladden Spit is absolutely stunning, where for up to 10 days after the full moon, March through June, awesome but gentle whale sharks (the  world's largest fish, up to 60 feet long) gather to feast on the eggs of cubera snapper and other fish that spawn in huge quantities at these times. What a feeling! A huge 15 m Whale Shark  swimming directly towards you. This massive fish was only 1 m away from me. I looked into his left eye. I couldn't breath anymore. I couldn't move anymore. I had no fear. I was fascinated by the slow, gentle motion of this giant.

Apart from the excellent diving and snorkelling there are many other great things to do, like  exploring the tropical rain forest, have a swim under a waterfall, discover caves, climb Maya temples or spot a Jaguar, Toucan or other rare animals. 


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Glovers Reef Atoll Jaguar Fregatebirdbaby, Halfmoon Cay Toucan Cay Caulker
Queen Conch

Dive Shop in San Pedro, Ambergris Cay

Flamingo Tongue Black Grouper, Blue Hole
Juvenile Drumfish Yellowtail Snapper
Hawsbillturtle Lizardfish Hermitcrab Juvenile Damselfish Loggerheadturtle


Whaleshark Whaleshark Whaleshark Whaleshark
Nurseshark Nursesharks Nursesharks Bullshark and Stingray Eagleray

Be careful, if you snorkel around places where fisherman clean their fish. It's possible that suddenly you are surrounded by many nurse sharks, bull sharks, stingrays and eagle rays al at the same time.


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Big Rock Falls

Rio Frio Cave Lighthouse Reef Atoll Lighthouse Reef Atoll


Parrot Fishschool, Lighthouse Reef Atoll Lighthouse Reef Atoll


Cay Caulker

Lighthouse Reef Atoll

Lighthouse Reef Atoll


Blue Hole, Belize

In the center of Lighthouse Reef is a large, almost perfectly circular sinkhole with a diameter of about 318 m and a depth of 125 m. The Blue Hole, one of Belize's natural wonders and its most popular dive site. It is the depth of water which gives the deep blue color.

For millions of years the Blue Hole was a dry cave where huge stalactites and stalagmites slowly formed (some of them are up to 10 m). When the last ice age ended, sea levels rose about 100 m, flooding the cave. At the same time, its ceiling collapsed, leaving the hole you see today. 

The vertical wall drops to 42 m where you can dive beneath an overhang, observing stalactites  above you and usually, a school of reef sharks below you.

Blue Hole  Blue Hole

  Blue Hole  Blue Hole  Blue Hole


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